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Do not believe your eyes, look carefully. A new part of the most amazing gifa are waiting for you. Be always positive.

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Do not miss healthy dose of facts which make your brain cool. Just take a note, they are really interesting.

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Cheer up, it's the middle of the week. Have a nice day with izifunny picdump. By the way do not forget to share.

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Now, it's time to learn something new. Let's have a look how to make a sauna by yourself in your bathroom.

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Amazing advertisement is paid attention by people who gave ridiculous comments in their messages. Take a look.

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Actually it wasn't made underwater but It took place there. So if you want enjoy this art you have to dive there.


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Cool dog feels that it king among these all birds in Australia. It's the most important creature in whole farm.

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It's really great responsibility to be a parent. You have to explain everything in child language with imagine their understanding.


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These guys thought that they can do everything as they want because of they are cool.

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Ebola is the most horrible problem of humanity and it changes people mind. They are scared and making protection.

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If information is about internet pay attention even if they insane, because today internet takes the huge part of our life.

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Creepy mansion sold for only $1. May be they paid such price for the most abandoned place, any case it's a good purchase.

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Incredible tattoos looks like realistic. But these guys can not erase such tattoose, so they have to live with it all their life.

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Thailand's miss universe looks similar to the miss 50 years ago. Preferrings are the same in 50 years and just currious, how she did it.

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State New Jersey is one of the most haunted place in America. People meet ghosts anywhere. Here are proof with pics.

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Halloween so soon, here are some creative ideas to costumes. Just take a look and make your own decision.


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If you want people to pay attention for you you have to create something new, unique way to show  a protest.


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Eating proccess must be unique because it is one of the lovely proccesses during your life. Here are some unique experiences.

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You might never know about these facts if you do not take a look. Scroll down and enjoy horror movies facts.

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Stubborn peoples who do not know how to use the Gym. They don't want to ask anyone and get into ridiculous position.

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Among these pics you can find that one which you are most interested in. Do not miss them, have a look and share.


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A lot of competitions you can't understand. The most reason of their oddity is crazy requirements and funny moments. 

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Unbelievable craziness you can see only in India. Incredible pics from lovely India make you shock, because of happiness in poorness.

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May be she hates disney world, otherwise why is she so upset? Any case, cheer up, baby.Life is beautiful especially with Disney characters.

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Devil is not a person, but looking this guy you think that he seems like the devil. Actually he overdid with tattoos.

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