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These celebrities should better delete their posts in Twitter. Sometimes, it is better not to post anything, than awkward tweets.

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There is compilation of photos which definitely will make your day. These signs and headings are written by Captain Obvious  

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Old Sir is a good cook, as it is seen from the gifs below. Learn more, how to make a great breakfast in a guide from Ian McKellen. 

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There is almost the end of July, but our website team is in the good mood. Because, we are posting the new portion of funny gifs for you! 

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Prepare yourself to be surprised! Winterfell would cost nowadays 200,000,000 British Pounds. Moreover, it is not the most expensive castle from Game Of Thrones...

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Do not ignore these wonderful thoughts compiled for you in one post. They are exactly the ones which must be read

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New day brings new portion of fascinating images. Check them out and enjoy!

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Sometimes random is full of fun. Look at these images: there are different things come together to make you laugh

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Be Prepared to take this harsh dose of existing things in reality! Some of these thoughts are clever, but not pleased to know

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Nowadays there are so many innovations: Internet, space, smartphones, etc. I guess, no one would be surprised to see such billboards on the streets. Anyway, they are cool and amazing.

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Do not dispose of the cover from the beer. They can become part of a masterpiece

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In this post there are many frightening pictures describing the work of rural doctors in the middle of the last century. I am so happy that I live in 21st century!

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The woman weighed 1000 pounds. Such weight has become a threat for her health. She did not give up and decided to fight with obesity. The result can be seen on the photos below

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Files in .gif dimension are really popular, because they show motion. Look at this wonderful selection of new gifs. 

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LOL! Look at this man on the first photo. Something definetely went wrong with him :D  

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These Facebook users post weird things on their pages. There are many funny comments and posts below :D

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Sometimes stores selling secondhand clothes are full of interesting stuff. You can find something you did not expect to see there!

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This dad is definetely the one who has a cool sense of humor. There is a great way of children upbringing, isn't it? 

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There is a compilation of hillarious messages left by co-workers on farewell cards. Some of them are quite witty

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It is so pleased to learn that there are a lot of kind people in our world. Do kind things, because kindness always will return back! 

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A photographer from Australia was not afraid to meet with the mexican gang and took photos of them. The photos, by the way, are really cool, aren't they?

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That is why China is so fast developing country nowadays. Their work force is powerful and cheap

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This cool post will help you to refuse from using such bad filler as word 'um'. Read the guide below

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These people put really strange tattoos on their bodies. Look at the photos below and you will understand what I mean

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Photocamera is a great invention. Due to camera we are able to see these fascinating moments throughout history. 

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