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It looked so cute when it was a little, but so strong after grew. Any case they are best friends as old happy times.

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Cute bear knows how cheer up itself, it look after the most convenient place to relax. Find your own place for relaxing.

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Dear izifunnyers, amazing crazy gifs are waiting for you. Have a look and relax, tomorrow will be Friday!


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Incredible facts you might know about China. China famous for from all sides, but have much more problems than other countries.

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Looser grooms choose the worst way to proposal marriage. They forgot that it is the most important part for girls.

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Probably sometimes kids understand love better than adults. It depends on them and situation they related, lifestyle.

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Drinks from 90-s that were probably injure your health, so now people try to pay attention to a healthier lifestyle.

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Every good things have fake copies, so Iphone also. Here are the best way how to check it. Have a look.

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Stubborn people decided to clean up all graves in Guatemalan. If those dead people could tell they would argue against them.

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Such interesting riddles will not make you more smarter but they will help you to reminisce that you forgot.

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Remember great tricks when driving and never hurry up. No one accident will not cost your life. Take a look and share.

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Sometimes interesting stories help you to relax at all. Have a look, may be you will find similar story with your life.

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Elder people and young people swapped clothes and they looks like differently. Look how clothes can change people.


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In this restaurant they keeps creepy horrible dead animal in its freezer. It seems that they used the meat of such animals.

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Enjoy life goals pics on twitter and relax a little. Have a look all aims and by the way do not forget to share.

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We all love watermelon but we don't know how it grows. It's an interesting process, do not miss it. Take a look.

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Chinese police training employees to special military parade. It's too hard but the result will be effective.


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We know him as rapper, songwriter, record producer, film director, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. But here he is just common person.

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You couldn't see such interesting pics in your daily life. People thought that these pics the most incredible in their life.

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If you really want something that thing will seems impossible. If just strange people wants it and you know about it it will seems craziness.

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Everyone, even cute kitten want to have own toys, so here you can find that item which you are interested in more.

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Start your day with funny gifs and acknowledge yourself that you are also scared if such things happen with you.


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If you have heard about most famous pirates you will interested in such stories. They are legends like a boss.

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If you are interested in robot prototype you can make it by yourself. Here are some istructions on pics. Be creative.

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Black and white portraits of celebs are the best art. Look at all pics and find your lovely hero. Be always cheerfull.

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