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These great musicians who considerably contributed to the music itself. Check awesome photos of these famous musicians throughout history.

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I am sure that you know all of these cartoon characters but probably you did not know that they were voiced  by famous celebrities.

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Begin your week with new portion of amusing and funny picdumps. They will help you to stay healthy, happy and positive all the time.

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Hey, guys! How are you, then? Hope, you are fine. But with these gifdump pics you will be more than fine, you will be great! Enjoy and good luck!

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Here, the collection of opening lines from iconic movies that probably left a mark in your heart and mind. If not, you just haven't seen them.

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I think everyone is tired of seeing this blue and black dress which can be seen white and gold by some people. Here is resolving this issue and period.

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The collection of interesting photos that can tell you about life situations and everything at all. Check and get something new useful. 

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Definitely, these awesome pictures motivate you to live life to the fullest. So, get up and do everything you want, but don't forget about izifunny :D

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These puns are both funny and stupid and ridiculous at the same time. So just watch and hope you enjoy them.

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These are the proof that kids were only put on earth to destroy things. Sometimes they may irritate you but they are so cute that you cannot do severe stuff.

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These awesome T-shirts that make people around you laugh and smile and everyone wishes they could wear. They can also be good presents.

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This photographer probably captured extraordinary and beautiful phenomenon of nature. He captured incredible frozen ocean waves off the coast. 

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If you visit to Montreal, try this Montreal restaurant, because it has some amazing foods and gourmet meals. Very delicious! Bon appetite! 

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Most people do not realize which is the most important body part. Check the different parts of the body arguing about this issue.

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Here is a quick lesson on how to prevent driving accidents. According to the survey, people, after watching this, began driving more accurately ;D

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If you kinda person who don't like to leave your house but want to travel. Here is an answer. This is a mobile home that you can take to everywhere.

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This graveyard which is located in New York is dedicated to extinct animals. We should prevent this graveyard from becoming larger by protecting animals.

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This creative girl who should be designer turn an ordinary man's shirt into really beautiful and sexy dress. Check how she made it.

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Right in this picture, this fisherman is trying to catch on of the world's largest catfish ever. Actually, he accomplished this task and see the result.

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Why does not every bathroom have one of these? It is really useful and can be used for different purposes.

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