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Meet Bradley Cooper's new girlfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo's ex-girlfriend, super-model and just beautiful girl from cold Russia, Irina Shayk.

Not Funny but » Celebs / 19 May 2015 / Views (6727) +333

Check what happened to the cast of "Baywatch" 25 years later. We loved and love and will love "Baywatch" and it will be in our hearts forever. :D

Not Funny but » Celebs / 19 May 2015 / Views (5036) +340

Check how much Kylie Jenner has changed over the years. The plastic surgery doctors should have made a lot of money on her or not. Who knows?

Not Funny but » Celebs / 18 May 2015 / Views (1328) +370

Great actors and actresses are the ones who can transform themselves into anything, Here, beautiful actresses that transformed themselves for film roles.

Not Funny but » Celebs / 15 May 2015 / Views (3226) +322

Here, today's most famous celebrities and their first on screen appearances. We are giving a chance to have nostalgia. Check them out.

Not Funny but » Celebs / 11 May 2015 / Views (1641) +453

Internet is blowing with new Shaq meme. Shaq took a dive on ESPN and now he's the most popular and funny meme of the day. Check it out. 

Not Funny but » Celebs / 8 May 2015 / Views (5291) +523

Attention, guys. Adam Levine got hit with a bag of sugar before Jimmy Kimmel Live. According to his face, he wasn't excited by this surprise. He was kinda just mad and at fury :D 

Not Funny but » Celebs / 1 May 2015 / Views (6483) +731

Why Emma? You broke little heart of a big man. That guy left so sad that he barely could tried to stop from bursting into tears. Check it out!

Not Funny but » Celebs / 30 Apr 2015 / Views (7179) +750

It was popular to have long, curly, different colored hair styles among metal bands. But, it's changed a little. Here, enjoy the best 80s hair styles of metal brands and the hair styles of today.

Not Funny but » Celebs / 27 Apr 2015 / Views (6183) +763

Probably, you already know that Jared Leto is new 'Joker', the character from Batman. Unfortunately, we can't watch him playing this role, but we can enjoy now the first official look of Jared's Joker. 

Not Funny but » Celebs / 22 Apr 2015 / Views (4511) +911

This is the proof that we all need knowlegde in accounting or should acquire skills in managing money. These celebrities earned really huge amount of money, but lost either all or most of them.

Not Funny but » Celebs / 21 Apr 2015 / Views (1944) +888

With having delicious fast food, it is becoming really difficult to be in a good shape. If it's bad for people to have excess fat, for celebrities it's double bad. Here, the celebrities that used to look good but got fat.

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Can you recognize these people? Actually, these pics are the childhood of famous celebrities. If you recognize them, leave in comments their names.

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Hollywood stars are also ordinary people who need friends, love etc. Here, those ordinary people with their ordinary friends. Check them out. 

Not Funny but » Celebs / 17 Apr 2015 / Views (3304) +1043

Check how beloved and popular Jeff Bridges changed over the years. From this young guy, I can't even think of that he will become the person he is now.

Not Funny but » Celebs / 15 Apr 2015 / Views (9742) +1070

Beautiful Kim Kardashian with her husband, popular rapper, Kanye West and some of their friends have just visited Armenia. Armenian people welcomed them warmly. Check how they did it.

Not Funny but » Celebs / 13 Apr 2015 / Views (7800) +1160

You may not remember them, but you definitely saw them in the movies of our childhood. Check how these famous child actresses changed through years.

Not Funny but » Celebs / 10 Apr 2015 / Views (9846) +1263

It is really difficult to be Dwayne Rock Jones and achieve the body that he has. Check his insane diet which make him eating 10 pounds of food a day. 

Not Funny but » Celebs / 8 Apr 2015 / Views (4658) +1186

Here, we are comparing past with the present of the stars and characters of beloved "Game of thrones". Check how they were and are now. 

Not Funny but » Celebs / 7 Apr 2015 / Views (1823) +1364

Our beloved James Bond 007, Pierce Brosnan, has changed slightly unlike his wife. Check him and his wife, how they were and are. In the last picture, that woman should have eaten Pierce's real wife :D

Not Funny but » Celebs / 6 Apr 2015 / Views (8659) +1224

Michael Cera should be incarnation of these women and children or vice verca, because just check and you will see that they all are nearly the same.

Not Funny but » Celebs / 3 Apr 2015 / Views (4523) +1299

From these pics we can conclude that eyebrows play an important role in making us beautiful, at least normal :D. Here, enjoy our stars without eyebrows. Their look is really strange.

Not Funny but » Celebs / 3 Apr 2015 / Views (7105) +1343

I think everyone agrees that Jim Carrey is one of the best actor and comedians who is one in a billion. Here, his best celebrity facial expressions before he become famous.

Not Funny but » Celebs / 1 Apr 2015 / Views (1327) +1451

Read the conversation between two great actors and Hollywood stars, Tom Cruise and John Travolta talking about "Going Clear".

Not Funny but » Celebs / 1 Apr 2015 / Views (7779) +1401

Scientology is trying really hard to change its image, but if these famous people couldn't help the religion build a better reputation, it's unlikely that anything else will.

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