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We found out strange stuff about SpangeBob Squarepants and we are ready to reveal it. Here, the pics that prove that SpangeBob Squarepants is totally obsessed with butts.

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Do not click away from this post, If you do so, you will miss the opportunity to enjoy and be excited from these daily gifs that are the funniest of the day.

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Surprisingly, even the rooms of smoker and non-smokers are different from each other. Even the room suffers from smokers, so don't smoke guys, think about the room you smoke :D

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I always wonder how people can create these kind of pics, buildings, cars, everything. Here, pop culture mash ups that are absolutely perfect made by creative people.

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35-year-old woman who is mother of teenage girl did something that other 99,9% of woman would never do. She hosted naked twister party for her teenage daughter and went to the court for it.

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Here, we are giving you a chance to live in the brilliant past. Magnificent snapshots taken at the very right time of famous people and famous places from the past. Check the out! 

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Stunning glamour shots that came from the Ghetto. These pics are so ridiculously glamourous that make you fall dead, because you will laugh hard.

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If you learn these things, your life will become definitely more easier. The different life hacks for every possible life situtations. Learn them, try them.

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-Oh, man do you also have a tattoo? -Yes, I like it very much, do you want to see it? -Oh, yes, actually... (showing) -WTF?!? What? How? When? 

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It is known that everyone is different and unique and has their own way of thinking. But, how these people ended up thinking like this. Check disturbing quotes from notorious murderers and criminals.

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Izifunny went through all magazines trying to find out something funny and this is what we found. The worst (they are so bad that it is funny) magazine articles for women.

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Here, you have the opportunity to get to know the most bizarre and ridiculous taxes that ever imposed. People sometimes think of really ridiculous things, how they manage to do so, it is mysterious.

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Tatooed parents take beautiful portraits with their children. Wonder what babies think about drawings on their parents' body. Anyway, brilliant pics.

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Bree Miller is great cook and she always experiments with combining things that do not combine at all. Here, she made a special cake with... The recipe you will know if you click this post.

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Have you ever tried to cook a pizza in the oven which is made of only mud. This man using only mud created oven and made a delicious pizza in it.

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If you want to teach someone, the best way of it is being an example said once Albert Einstein. Dutch man starts to cleaning up pollution and inspires others to do so. If it continues other in this way, Dutchland will become the cleanest country, indeed.

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The truck with full of bees overturned on the Seattle highway. That's why on that highway, millions of bees are flying. Watch out of bees, guys if you need to drive through that highway.

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These animals are so extraordinary that you might think that they are imaginary taken from fiction movies and don't exist. But, they do exist, so check the most unusual species of the world.

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The collection of the coolest and most amazing video game bed sheets for anyone. Certainly, the best gift for video gamers. They love it.

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Here, the fans of Batman did great job proving that everything is better with Batman by making funny and amazing epic mashup pics.

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These people have been drawn their selfies in a funny and hilarious way as Disney characters by creative people. Check them out! 

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Do you want to feel euphoria? We are sure that "yes". Then, just watch these funniest, interesting and the best gifs of Friday. Enjoy, guys! Everything is just for you! 

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This man made incredible invention. He made a shoe that grows specifically it can grow 5 sizes in 5 years. Now, parents can buy one pair of shoe for 5 years for their growing children. Simple and economic.

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These funny tweets talk about stuff that everyone definitely knows and once in their life met with this situation. Check and laugh at them with us. 

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This oasis called Ubari is located in the Libyan section of Sahara desert. Despite the fact that it is one of the driest places in the world, the water there still looks beautiful. 

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