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Are you ready to have some fun? If yes, this selection of hilarious gifs is for you!

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One creative art director created these fascinating pictures using Emoji. Look at the photos below 

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There is a list of em... funny airports. It is interesting and hilarious sometimes to visit these places. For example, Changi Airport of Singapore is close to paradise. It has so much service! 

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it is difficult always to be tolerant. Sometimes silly coincidence can express a moment of racism... look at pictures below 

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It must be acknowledged, that majority of us is a bit afraid of police. Psychologists tried to explain this problem from the side of science

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This tricky dad found a way how to control lifes of his daughters after his death. He prepared the list of what they should do in order to get inheritance.

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When we are nervous we can tell strange things. But some people are stupid. Just look at pics below and you will understand what I mean.

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OMG! I was surprised to see these photos. Chinese military knows how to train its soldiers in a bit specific way... 

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Some of real life stories are so unbelievable, like in movies. This one is definetely one of them. There is wonderful story how one guy lost his IPhone in the water while kayaking, but after one month he got it back!!

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This Panda named Jia Jia is 37 years old now. It is the oldest panda in the world. For pandas 37 years old would be 111 years in human years!

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These guys wrote really brilliant reviews about terrible movies. They are hillarious and surely will brighten your day!

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Let's entertain yourself by watching these pics. Look at the first one. This company of puppies is serious, but looks sooo funny :D 

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Another week. Another Day. Another gifdump. What can be better than gifs? - Even more GIFs. Enjoy!

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You probably did not know these facts about your favorite movies. It is time to learn something new about iconic films

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Sleeping is one of the best things in the world. Moreover, it is free, what makes it even better.  

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The content of the following pictures is difficult to explain. Sometimes our life is full of weird moments.

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These brilliant photos were taken before really bad situations. The photographers know how to catch a cool moment!

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These photos show incredible moments in a history of sport. Any of them is literally full of emotions and stress. Exciting! 

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This post is dedicated to introverts. They are people who like to be alone, who are not talkative. From the other side, they do not pretend to like others! 

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These snapshots will show you the progress and evolution of selfie through almost 2 centuries. This transformation is fascinating to see :D 

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There are many hillarios messages sent by grandparents. Hi Tech is surely not for them :D

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Japanese made an unsual invention: panties which can be used also as scrunchies. Learn more in the pictures below 

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These gifs are full of funny moments. Have a pleasant watching! 

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These ideas may be seen as ridiculous from the first sight. But actually, they can make some sense 

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HAHA! I want to do these things! Let's learn some crazy ways of having fun in elevator.  

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