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Baby strollers was made many years ago but they look differently than now. Any case people need such strollers.

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Unbelievable moments in cartoons change your mind and cheer up your mood. Do not miss, enjoy them all.

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Selfie is one of the fashion methods of taking a picture. It's so famous today that if you don't have selfie pics you are not the best.

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Darth Varder's armor have especial unique forms which can help to be perfect at any situation. Have a look.


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Amazinf funny puns which perfectly catch the point of laugh will make you gag. Start your laughing on izifunny.

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Beauty is the thing which we all women need. here are the most incredible secret of how to hide your problems at your eyes.


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Two drunken couple made huge boat from alcohol beverages but then failed. They destroy supermarket with alcohol.

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If you are bored, stop your job for a moment and read all these awkward messages. I'm sure, you will be cheerful.

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There are many advantages & disadvantages of drinking habits. But Remember that no one likes drunken people.

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Interesting historical facts about parts of America that wanted to be own states. Take a look.

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Nowadays movie production is developed, you can find various types of movies. Here are you can see some strange independent movies' pics.


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It's too dangerous everywhere if natural disaster come true. You can not escape even at the airplane.

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Easter eggs embodiment of lovely holiday, so all we want to have new ideas how to make these eggs more amazingly. Here are some ideas hidden on the internet.

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Until now, it seemed incredible that gamers can have their house, own team and great family. But they realized. Huge praise.

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May be she don't know that snake can not be the best friend of humanity, may be she doesn't care. Any case she takes her snake together.

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Bill Clinton likes selfie. After resignation he decided to be the leader of selfie. Here are the most interesting pics.

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Turkey sandwich is one of the most delicious sandwiches ever. Don't buttle, don't cry, just enjoy the sandwich.

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They risk with their life for humanity. Kind people care of them and now they look so cute and awesome.

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Be careful before to be trusted your children to any teacher. Some teachers have dangerous characters, which break your mind of your  children.

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Imagine, your lovely celebs have curls and bangs. They looks like cute, crazy handsome guys. Be yourself.

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Give the second chance for old needless things is a great talent. They created such line of recasting. Have a look.

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Here are very interesting facts like advices to motivate you stop smoking. Make your own decision, choose your way.


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Everybody know all these movies but not these funny facts. Imagine amusingly parts of unknown thinghs.



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Interesting moments and funny pics from lovely stories have their own stories, which you may not pay attention.


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Cute animals looks different before and after. Their evolution depends on technology, which created in modern life.

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