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If you are scare from ghosts this post is not for you. They say ghosts attracts all people and make them crazy.

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It depends on where are you situated and how seriously you drunken. Have a look all types of it. Be positive.

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Guess how to excite your brain with interesting facts, otherwise you can not be the most coolest person ever.


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Parents prepared yummy zombie cake to first birthday. Zombie cake looks incredible and creative. Have a look.

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It's time to learn how to prepear something new and delicious. It might take a long time but would give amazing result.


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Cool drinks seems amazing but very deadliest. Any case you can order it from bar and no one can not forbid to you.



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Some People do not shame and not hide that they have a grammar problems. But it looks ridiculous and illiterate.

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Fearless people catched giant anaconda snake and got tied up its head and took a picture. Do not miss all them.


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Do not be upset if you are alone, just try to be cheerful, honest then you will find your special someone. Be unique.

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Icelandic police are the coolest cops and they have fun while having rest. They make all crazy activities out of work.


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Strange facts that you might don't know, are given by Google Maps. Look at them through positive glasses.

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Awesome life hacks which can improve your health. Try all types of  advices if it would help you to be in shape.


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You will be surprised with strange discoveries which will bring more convenience to development. Be always creative.

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When we were child we couldn't imagine how complicated can be life, we just trust for cartoons. Take a look.

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British telephone boxes used to communication, nowadays using for special place where are located the books.

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Two guys helped stray dogs to leave lake. It is the evidence that creatures can believe in humanity. Have a look.

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China makes special roads for fans of smart phones, may be it will help not to disturb others on the way.

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Do not think that life of spy is cool. They have incredible adventures that you can not imagine. Have a look.

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Stubborn guy found out that cheating is wrong way and henceforward he will choose another way to get the point.

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If you love and eat fast food in a daily life be careful to your healthy. Any case do not mind, take care and take fun emotions.

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All these parts of lovely movies are so famous and have interesting notes. Take a look with positive view.

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It is just a puzzle, but when you make it right it will be amazing art illusion in open air. Enjoy such art on izifunny.



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Dad is the most important person who support you all his life. If he were crazy your life would be more interesting.

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Victoria Wild was made plastic surgery and got terrible view, but some guys think that she looks like a doll.


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They seems so cute at first time, but from inside they are absolutely terrifying. Just unlucky that things which were put there.


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